Hello and welcome to Tiny Toffee Designs. I am Susi and this is my happy place and I sure hope it will be yours too!

I have always loved all things crafty, I had a pencil and paper close by for as long as I can remember. When my daughter was born I was determined to sew cute things for her, but never in my life had used a sewing machine. Well, I just learned it by trial and error and have been stuck with it ever since. The good thing with the trial-and-error method is that you will always try everything once and after I finished my first ever paper pieced design I have fallen in love. Thinking up paper piecing patterns for Tiny Toffee Designs connects my love for sewing and drawing.

Why did I choose the name Tiny Toffee Designs? I could tell you now that it was a really simple story and that I just "knew" what the perfect name for my shop would be, but that would be far from reality. Actually I was thinking about it for longer than i should admit to still pass for a sane person and I also changed it pretty much in the last minute. I knew I wanted a shop name that can describe the warm feelings I have for the wonderful world of paper piecing. Whenever I have a chance to sit down for paper piecing I am always super excited - I have to decide on a pattern, on colors and possible fabrics and then I get to watch my work grow and bloom with every little piece of fabric I am adding. This just gives me such a happy vibe - no matter how unpleasant a day has been before, the moment I get to work on a pattern is like a happy "kick" comparable to a piece of toffee - it just gives me a warm feeling. This is exactly what I want to achieve with my patterns - brightening your sewing projects and giving you that same happy kick when you look at your finished design! Plus - toffees are just a darn good candy!

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