Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog hop, day 6

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Today is all about the mountains hexie!

Why did I choose mountains as a part of my Dream Big hexie set? Well, dreams are a very huge deal. Dreams are one of the most important things in life. They are keeping us motivated to work towards what we really want and they make us do things we´d never have done. Our dreams are making us strong and most important of all they make us believe in ourselves. If we believe in ourselves we are able to mountains!!!

Due to personal issues we will have to do without Sarah on the next stop of the blog hop today, but to make up for it I have a teeny tiny tutorial for you! Brought to you by my sweet munchkin!

Can you believe it has been the first day of spring yesterday?! This got me all excited - everyone who knows me also knows that i am not a winter person and as soon as it starts getting cold and snowy I am longing for sunshine and heat! So, yesterday´s beginning of spring was a great excuse for my daughter and me to create a tiny cheerful spring decoration to put on her window. We used the mountain hexie to create the quickest ever hanger.

We will need...

a finished mountain hexie (or just your favorite one!)
a felt hexie, cut slightly larger than the fabric hexie
some beads, string and ribbon

First string up some beads to create a "tail". Cut your ribbon for the hanger in your desired length. 
Place the fabric hexie on top of the felt hexie. Slip the tail between the hexie bottom edges and the ribbon between the hexie top edges. Carefully stitch around the edge of the fabric hexie to secure everything. Tadaaa - all ready!!! That was quick, wasn´t it?! :)

That was our little spring project and now please hop over to real superstar today - the lovely and awesome and crazy talented Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts! Go and see her project for the mountains hexie!!!


  1. Hi Susi,
    Your blog has been a real discovery! I am visiting Amanda Jean's blog on a regular basis, and there they were, your little hexies! Very cute and lovely.
    Thanks for your inspiration!
    Best regards,
    Astrid from

  2. Ahhh... so cute, our children are our best inspiration!