Friday, March 18, 2016

Blog hop, day 5

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to day 5 of the Tiny Toffee blog hop!!! 

When I started collecting ideas for my Dream Big hexie set I came up with the idea of having a pencil hexie pretty soon. I am one of those people who always write everything down and who always carry a pencil and notebook with them wherever they go - you never know when inspiration strikes, right?! For me personally every design starts with a little note and keeps growing from there. Are you the same? Would you never leave the house without a pencil and paper - just in case?! ;)

My two fabulous bloggers today are


I asked them both to have a play around with the pencil hexie from the Dream Big hexie set and oh boy did they do an awesome job with their projects!!! The one in the picture above was created by Jennie - who like me is a big planner lover and made the cutest planner supply!!!

Here are a few more pictures, but please go and visit Jennie on her blog Clover and Violet to find out a lot more!

The second project has been sewn by Rebecca and my daughter immediately said she wants a pencil case for school just like this! It turned out so gorgeous! I believe school is even more fun when you get to carry around a pencil case just like this! Visit Rebecca´s blog Hugs are Fun to see and read more about the cutest ever case!

Have a sunny and creative weekend and make sure to be back here on Monday to enjoy even more tiny hexie cuteness!!!


  1. Oh my! That tiny little pencil is adorable! And amazing in the different color combos!! Very sweet and very inspiring.

  2. Both beautiful, I love making pencil cases and this is the perfect hexie for them!