Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog hop, day 4

Happy Monday dear readers!!!

Today´s little big star is our tiny lucky elephant! Right away when I designed the Dream Big hexie set I knew I wanted to have an elephant in there! There are so many cultures where the elephant is a symbol not only of strength but also of wisdom and stability. A lot of people believe that if the trunk is up the elephant will shower good fortune on everyone who is walking by. What a beautiful idea! It is also said to keep elephants close to and facing a door to bring good luck into your house! So make sure to make an elephant...or two...or three... :)

My two fabulous bloggers today are Cheri and Karen!

Do you want a look at what Cheri created?! Yes?! Okay, so here you go:

Please make sure to go and visit her blog to see a lot more adorable photos of this sweet little guy!!!

...and now - drum roll please...

I am excited to welcome Karen!!!

"Susi and I did a side swap last year where we traded hexies and other goodies.  She challenged me to paper-piece or embroider the hexies, and once I got started, I was hooked.  I've made several of Susi's patterns and have kept them in hexie form, but decided to create a sew-together bag with the elephants.  The mama elephant is true to size, and the baby I reduced to 65%. 

Such a fun experience making something so small, and finding the perfect project to make the elephants shine.  Looking forward to seeing what Susi comes up with next!  


I am over the moon and so excited for every single project in this blog hop - seriously, those girls are SO talented!!! I hope to see you stitch up a lot of Tiny Toffee love as well and please be back on Friday to see more amazing projects!!!

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  1. Oh my, why did I never read your blog before. Such cute examples.
    Love your hexie designs (well, you already know that). And can't wait for the new things you are making at the moment (I just say fox :-)).
    Will stroll a little longer and then getting back to some tiny toffee hexies.
    Thanks so much for your beautiful creations.
    Maria aka madame_tailor