Monday, March 7, 2016

Blog hop, day 2

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Welcome to day 2 of the Tiny Toffee blog hop! 

Today we will be REACHING FOR THE STARS!!!

It most certainly is a very happy Monday for me as we will be visiting Alyssa from Penguin & Fish today! She is one of the first people I ever came across when I started sewing and I have been admiring her amazing embroidery work ever since I saw it (love at first sight you know ;)). Alyssa turned my star hexie pattern into the most adorable project, but please have a look at the amazing journal she created on her blog right here:

(images from Penguin & Fish)

The other reason why this Monday is so happy is that we get to welcome a fabulous guest blogger on Tiny Toffee Designs today! Let me introduce you to my friend Mike from @zmama03 on Instagram. We have been friends for so long and I have always admired everything she created! That girl is a sewing rock star and general crafty genius and about the sweetest person you can meet!

Find her Instagram here:

Welcome Mike - the blog is all yours now! ;)

" It was an honor to sew these sweet designs for you Susi! These delightful little designs raise the bar on cuteness! Imagine the many uses...A sweet touch to add to a baby's bib. A patch for a worn elbow or a knee on your little ones clothing. A tiny hexie quilt featuring a themed design....I loved sewing these designs. The tiny size makes them a SUPER QUICK way to add that special touch to your next project! Thank you for asking me to sew with them....You are a TREASURED friend! I just love you!!!"

Thank you so much for being my guest blogger today, Mike!!!

And a huge thank you also goes to Alyssa!!!

I can´t wait for Friday to see the next designs! Make sure to be ready! :)


  1. That JOURNAL!!! My gosh!!! That Alyssa is SO GREAT!!! That is GORGEOUS!!! I love it! Thank you SO much Susi...YOU are a wonderful friend...and a HUGE inspiration!! I am SO proud of YOU!! Your designs are gorgeous!!!!