Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blog hop, day 7

Hello everyone and welcome to day 7 of the Tiny Toffee blog hop!! 

I actually can´t believe it is already the last stop of the blog hop today! Time did certainly fly by and I am so inspired by all the amazing projects "my girls" made!!! 

As sad as I am that it´s the last day today I am so happy to direct you to my awesome makers today! 

Meet Mollie from Wildolive and Rachel from Woodenspoon!!! I have known both those lovely ladies for years and I have always been inspired so much by what they have been creating during those years of friendship! 

Mollie made a super simple but oh so effective project! Go and visit her and check out the prettiest magnet in the world ;) I know there will be many of these in my near future! :)

Rachel had a totally different take on the heart hexie - she turned it into this drop-dead-gorgeous pencil case! 

And as if she wouldnt have amazed me enough by making one pencil case, she made TWO and used several of the other hexies from the Dream Big set!!! Oh my!!!!

What could be more perfect than a heart hexie to wrap up the blog hop?! Everyone has put their heart into the project they made and I am insanely proud!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated, to all my old and new followers, to everyone who just decided to give tiny piecing a go, to those who already shared their makes with me and to all those who will be sewing along tiny things with me in the future!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Blog hop, day 6

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Today is all about the mountains hexie!

Why did I choose mountains as a part of my Dream Big hexie set? Well, dreams are a very huge deal. Dreams are one of the most important things in life. They are keeping us motivated to work towards what we really want and they make us do things we´d never have done. Our dreams are making us strong and most important of all they make us believe in ourselves. If we believe in ourselves we are able to mountains!!!

Due to personal issues we will have to do without Sarah on the next stop of the blog hop today, but to make up for it I have a teeny tiny tutorial for you! Brought to you by my sweet munchkin!

Can you believe it has been the first day of spring yesterday?! This got me all excited - everyone who knows me also knows that i am not a winter person and as soon as it starts getting cold and snowy I am longing for sunshine and heat! So, yesterday´s beginning of spring was a great excuse for my daughter and me to create a tiny cheerful spring decoration to put on her window. We used the mountain hexie to create the quickest ever hanger.

We will need...

a finished mountain hexie (or just your favorite one!)
a felt hexie, cut slightly larger than the fabric hexie
some beads, string and ribbon

First string up some beads to create a "tail". Cut your ribbon for the hanger in your desired length. 
Place the fabric hexie on top of the felt hexie. Slip the tail between the hexie bottom edges and the ribbon between the hexie top edges. Carefully stitch around the edge of the fabric hexie to secure everything. Tadaaa - all ready!!! That was quick, wasn´t it?! :)

That was our little spring project and now please hop over to real superstar today - the lovely and awesome and crazy talented Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts! Go and see her project for the mountains hexie!!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Blog hop, day 5

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to day 5 of the Tiny Toffee blog hop!!! 

When I started collecting ideas for my Dream Big hexie set I came up with the idea of having a pencil hexie pretty soon. I am one of those people who always write everything down and who always carry a pencil and notebook with them wherever they go - you never know when inspiration strikes, right?! For me personally every design starts with a little note and keeps growing from there. Are you the same? Would you never leave the house without a pencil and paper - just in case?! ;)

My two fabulous bloggers today are


I asked them both to have a play around with the pencil hexie from the Dream Big hexie set and oh boy did they do an awesome job with their projects!!! The one in the picture above was created by Jennie - who like me is a big planner lover and made the cutest planner supply!!!

Here are a few more pictures, but please go and visit Jennie on her blog Clover and Violet to find out a lot more!

The second project has been sewn by Rebecca and my daughter immediately said she wants a pencil case for school just like this! It turned out so gorgeous! I believe school is even more fun when you get to carry around a pencil case just like this! Visit Rebecca´s blog Hugs are Fun to see and read more about the cutest ever case!

Have a sunny and creative weekend and make sure to be back here on Monday to enjoy even more tiny hexie cuteness!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog hop, day 4

Happy Monday dear readers!!!

Today´s little big star is our tiny lucky elephant! Right away when I designed the Dream Big hexie set I knew I wanted to have an elephant in there! There are so many cultures where the elephant is a symbol not only of strength but also of wisdom and stability. A lot of people believe that if the trunk is up the elephant will shower good fortune on everyone who is walking by. What a beautiful idea! It is also said to keep elephants close to and facing a door to bring good luck into your house! So make sure to make an elephant...or two...or three... :)

My two fabulous bloggers today are Cheri and Karen!

Do you want a look at what Cheri created?! Yes?! Okay, so here you go:

Please make sure to go and visit her blog to see a lot more adorable photos of this sweet little guy!!!

...and now - drum roll please...

I am excited to welcome Karen!!!

"Susi and I did a side swap last year where we traded hexies and other goodies.  She challenged me to paper-piece or embroider the hexies, and once I got started, I was hooked.  I've made several of Susi's patterns and have kept them in hexie form, but decided to create a sew-together bag with the elephants.  The mama elephant is true to size, and the baby I reduced to 65%. 

Such a fun experience making something so small, and finding the perfect project to make the elephants shine.  Looking forward to seeing what Susi comes up with next!  


I am over the moon and so excited for every single project in this blog hop - seriously, those girls are SO talented!!! I hope to see you stitch up a lot of Tiny Toffee love as well and please be back on Friday to see more amazing projects!!!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog hop, day 3

Welcome to day 3 of the Tiny Toffee Designs blog hop! Today is all about one of my favorite ever animals - swans! We get a chance to look at the work of 3 amazing ladies!!!

Why did I chose a swan for my Big Dream hexie set? 
I came across this beautiful quote and it never really was forgotten:

"Our arms start from the back because they were once wings."
Martha Graham

Sometimes we should just use those wings and simply fly...!

The swan in the photo above was created by Mary and I can´t get over the cuteness of the crown she added! Please hop over to her blog Mollyflanders to find out more about this royal swan and the super cute make up pouch she made!!!

I am also over the moon that Amy from Nanacompany is part of my blog hop and worked her typical "Amy-magic" and turned my little hexie into the most charming and adorable project! Please go visit her blog for more pictures and details!!!

I am so thrilled to welcome Kate as a guest blogger on my blog, so I will stop babbling and say Hi to Kate!!!

First of all, thank you so much, Susi, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your wonderful blog hop, and congratulations on the release of your sweet, new collection of paper pieced hexagons!

When Susi invited me to be a part of her blog hop, I was absolutely thrilled. I’d been watching Susi create these teeny, tiny masterpieces for awhile, and each time a new design would pop up in my Instagram feed I couldn’t get over just how adorable they were. Elephants, stars, tiny flying geese, mountains? Yes, please! But then I saw her tiny swan hexie and was totally smitten. Susi managed to not only create the tiniest paper pieced swan ever, but she’d beautifully captured a swan’s grace and beauty within her pattern. 

I was so happy to find I’d been assigned the swan pattern for the blog hop, and I immediately knew exactly what I wanted to create. I envisioned a sweet little project bag with three beautiful swans gracing the front of the pouch. I pulled a few scraps of charcoal Essex linen from my stash for the exterior front of the bag. I knew I wanted the bright white swans to immediately grab the eye, so I chose several black Cotton + Steel prints for the backgrounds of the three hexagons. With the front of the pouch simple and dark in color, I pulled a beautiful new print from Tula Pink’s Chipper line featuring sweet sleeping foxes for the back, as well as a second Chipper print for the interior.

I printed Susi’s pattern on my favorite foundation paper piecing paper (June Tailor Perfect Piecing Foundation sheets) and trimmed the pattern into three sections. If you’re new to paper piecing, be sure to include an extra 1/4 inch margin on each of the trimmed sides for piecing the sections back together. I’d never paper pieced any patterns this tiny, but it was actually a very easy pattern to work with. Each swan came together beautifully in a matter of minutes. After basting the swans into a hexagon, I topstitched them to the Essex linen and went about making a very simple and very basic zipper pouch. 

This was such a quick and easy project. In my opinion, it would make for a sweet handmade gift for friends or loved ones. Thanks again, Susi for inviting me to be part of the fun. I can’t wait to try your other beautiful designs!

Thank you so much for being my guest blogger today, Kate!!!

HAve an awesome weekend everyone, sew some hexies and make sure to be back here on Monday!!!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Blog hop, day 2

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Welcome to day 2 of the Tiny Toffee blog hop! 

Today we will be REACHING FOR THE STARS!!!

It most certainly is a very happy Monday for me as we will be visiting Alyssa from Penguin & Fish today! She is one of the first people I ever came across when I started sewing and I have been admiring her amazing embroidery work ever since I saw it (love at first sight you know ;)). Alyssa turned my star hexie pattern into the most adorable project, but please have a look at the amazing journal she created on her blog right here:

(images from Penguin & Fish)

The other reason why this Monday is so happy is that we get to welcome a fabulous guest blogger on Tiny Toffee Designs today! Let me introduce you to my friend Mike from @zmama03 on Instagram. We have been friends for so long and I have always admired everything she created! That girl is a sewing rock star and general crafty genius and about the sweetest person you can meet!

Find her Instagram here:

Welcome Mike - the blog is all yours now! ;)

" It was an honor to sew these sweet designs for you Susi! These delightful little designs raise the bar on cuteness! Imagine the many uses...A sweet touch to add to a baby's bib. A patch for a worn elbow or a knee on your little ones clothing. A tiny hexie quilt featuring a themed design....I loved sewing these designs. The tiny size makes them a SUPER QUICK way to add that special touch to your next project! Thank you for asking me to sew with them....You are a TREASURED friend! I just love you!!!"

Thank you so much for being my guest blogger today, Mike!!!

And a huge thank you also goes to Alyssa!!!

I can´t wait for Friday to see the next designs! Make sure to be ready! :)

Friday, March 4, 2016

Blog hop, day 1

Hello everyone!!!

Welcome to day 1 of the Tiny Toffee Blog Hop!!!

Today my friends Heidi from fabricmutt and Andrea from crabapplequilts are going to show you their take on the Flying Geese/Arrow hexie and I couldn´t be more excited!

Please hop over to Heidi´s blog right here:

...and to Andrea´s blog go here:

I can´t wait for Monday, when we are going to meet Alyssa and Mike!

...and don´t forget...Follow Your Arrow! ;)

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bloghop...starting tomorrow!


I am SO excited!!! March will be a month filled with creativity at Tiny Toffee Designs!!! Let me proudly announce the very first Tiny Toffee Bloghop!!!
I am so grateful to have a bunch of super amazing talented ladies joining me! Be prepared for a lot of awesomeness!!!


4th of March:

7th of March:

11th of March:

14th of March:

18th of March:

21st of March:

24th of March:

Are you as excited as I am?!!! See you Friday, March 4th!!!