Monday, November 23, 2015

Merry Stitchalong - Week 4

Hello everyone!

Welcome to week 4 of the Tiny Toffee Merry Stitchalong! Today we will be visiting Miss Martha Jean - owner of the biggest candy store at the North Pole!

"Hello fellow candy lovers! Welcome to the 'Dancing Candy Cane!' In my shop you will find whatever candy you can dream of! My most requested treats are wildberry jam filled gingerbread pops. I will collect the wild berries on my Summer vacations in the woods and turn them into the most delicious jam that will be filled into my gingerbread pops. Mrs.Claus always buys a huge box to give to her husband to store away as a special treat on his long and busy sleigh rides!"

Let´s make our very own gingerbread pops!


- Christmas tree template from the Christmas Delights pattern
- two 1 inch paper hexie shapes
- brown and pink fabric
- a hanger
- some stuffing
- a cake pop stick

1. Prepare your hexies. Make your Christmas tree first. I chose to use pink for the tree + stem and brown for the background to make my hexie look like a "jam-filled" gingerbread. Once you are done with piecing your tree make it into a normal English paper pieced hexie. Make an additional hexie with just brown fabric for the back of the gingerbread pop.

2. Remove your papers from the hexies, iron them and then put them on top of each other, right sides out, wrong sides facing. Start joining them together with a small slip stitch and brown embroidery floss. If your tree hexie is facing you right side up and with the tree pointing in the right direction then I recommend starting to join the front and back at the bottom right hand corner. Go up to the top and slip your hanger in, go on until you reach the bottom left corner. The bottom side of the hexie sandwich should still be open. Now it´s time to stuff your gingerbread pop. Once you are happy with the stuffing go on slip stitching the hexies together on the bottom side. Stop at the middle of the bottom side, pop the stick in and go on until you reach your starting point. Secure your thread with a small knot. 

3. Tie a ribbon around it and you are done!

Next week...

...amongst other things we will be visiting the post office!

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