Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Merry Stitchalong

Hello and welcome!

If you are here for the Christmas Ornament Stitchalong - have a seat and get cozy!

I am SO happy you are here and stitching along with me! This year is all about handmade Christmas for my daughter and me so handmade ornaments are mandatory! :)

Let me just give you a few quick details about this stitchalong.

I will put up one or two tutorials every Monday throughout the month of November here on my blog. There´s a total of five Mondays, starting on November the 2nd.

At the end of each blog post I will give you an idea of the supplies you might need for the tutorial on the following Monday. This will give you a whole week to get prepared, although I am pretty sure that you will already have everything we need in your craft room! The ornaments I will teach you won´t be your average Christmas ornaments, some of them will be silly, some fancy, and some fairly traditional. You can totally make them your own by using another hexie template other than the one I suggest, by using other fabrics, more or less get it, right?! :) 

Santa left a small gift for me to give to everyone who got their pattern for participating in the stitchalong. You will get an exclusive Santa Snow Dome pattern to make this whole thing even merrier!

All in all this will be a little tour through Santa´s wonderful world down at North Pole...we will get to visit so many different places. Our first stop will be in Mrs. Clause´s tea room to have a chat and cookie on her front porch. 

We will be using the hashtag #tinytoffeemerrystitchalong on Instagram. If you have any photos that you would like to share feel free to send them along to me and I will upload them to my blog so we can all admire your makes!

Supplies that will be handy to have for most of the ornaments:

- baker´s twine or ribbon for the hangers
- felt scraps 
- fabric scraps 
- embroidery thread
- hot chocolate and cookies to enjoy while stitching (this is like the most important supply if you ask me!)

Supplies for the first ornament:

- page 3 of the Christmas Delights PDF with the "letter to Santa" hexie template (please do NOT sew this up yet!)
- fabric scraps
- very small felt scraps in green and red (totally optional!)
- a piece of white felt (measuring about 3.75 x 2.25")
- pretty ribbon

I am so excited for you to get started with your ornaments - see you on Monday 2nd of November!!!


  1. Oh Susi! I could really use this merry stitch a long in my life right about now. It will be the perfect thing to refocus my attention on all things merry and bright. I can't wait to get started. Xoxo. Katmama

  2. This looks so much fun! I'm excited to start this! Thank you!

  3. Really looking forward to stitching along. Hope I can keep up while also adjusting to my new full-time work schedule. 😘